Wellington Country House, is defined as a country house by the Tourism Grading Authority of South Africa.   It is a dwelling with exclusive guest areas in which the owners also reside, privately. We are in the process of being graded for SA Tourism stars. To ensure that all guests, our neighbours, staff and ourselves can enjoy the peaceful and quiet tranquillity of the house and neighbourhood, our House Rules strictly apply.

Booking Conditions


Booking Conditions: (As prescribed in section 17 of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008)

1. All bookings made by us will be considered provisional until availability has been confirmed and the full payment has been received.

2. Deposit: A 100% deposit of the full amount is required at the time of making the booking. If we fail to receive your deposit within 7 days of the booking, your provisional reservation will lapse.

Kindly note that during peak season (September to April) a 100% deposit will be required immediately.

  1. Cancellation: Should you need to cancel your booking for any reason, the following cancellation fees will apply, regardless of the reason for cancellation:Unless agreed upon in writing, prepayment for accommodation bookings is assumed. Deposits and payments are not refundable if cancellation occurs within 30 days of the reserved arrival date. All reservations and cancellations to be in writing by fax or e-mail

Cancellation more than 60 days prior to departure – 25% of the full amount (50% of the deposit)

Cancellation 60 days or less prior to departure – 50% of the full amount (full deposit)

Cancellation 30 days prior to departure – 75% of the full amount

Cancellation 14 days or less prior to departure – 100% of the full amount

All deposits and payments refunded is subject to a 20% handling fee

Cancellation fees apply irrespective whether the required deposits have been paid

  1. In terms of Section 17(5) of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, no cancellation fee will be payable in the event of the death or hospitalisation of the person for whom, or for whose benefit the booking, reservation or order was made, provided that a death certificate or hospitalization account is provided.5. All rates are subject to change. Confirmed reservations will always be honoured at the confirmed rates. Any changes will be notified.
  2. Use of our facilities are strictly subject to proper adherence to our house rules

Check-in: 14h00
Check-out: 10h00

Wellington Country House Guesthouse and its staff accept no liability or responsibility for any damage, injury or loss of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to death, disability, injury, property theft or damage, missed flights and missed accommodation.

House Rules

Dear Guests

In order to ensure that all guests have a tranquil and peaceful stay, the following terms and conditions apply.

By accepting the keys, you agree to abide by the letter and spirit
of the house rules and terms and conditions:

  1. Accommodation if subject to House rules**
  2. No Smoking in/near the house, deck or other guests
  3. No additional visitors without prior written approval from the proprietor
  4. Absolutely no noise, no own music, no disturbance
  5. The pool is deep and dangerous, we take no responsibility.
  1. No cooking, food preparation or eating in the rooms.
  2. No alcohol to be brought in.
  3. No prostitution, no drugs, no nudity
  1. Accommodation, meals, pool-use parking and any all facilities and services are used at your own risk, we accept NO liability whatsoever
  1. Please ensure that you watch the gate and only move your car when it is fully open. Keep your eyes on the gate in case someone else inadvertently presses the button
  1. Do not park/stop in the gate’s way. DO not park/stop in the driveway. Do not obstruct other vehicles/persons/equipment
  1. Guests are allowed 25 Litres of water PER COUPLE per day. You may be fined for your excess water use. One shower of 30-60 seconds per person allowed.  Please use the refreshing towellettes or a face cloth top wash.  Kindly only flush when absolutely necessary
  2. We reserve all rights to evict Non-compliant and/unpleasant/ poorly behaved guests or visitors without refund

We are at your service, please sms, whatsapp or call us for bookings advice etc
ENJOY your stay! Lekker slaap.. Lala Nathi.. Wel te ruste…schöne Träume, fais de beaux rêves, sogni d’oro