Hosts & Staff

A dynamic Afrikaans couple, Dick and Mara, who’ve made Wellington their home for everyone to enjoy. In 2015, they decided to leave their desks in Johannesburg and chose Wellington as their new home. 

Our staff is the backbone behind the successful operation of the Wellington Country House.  In the light of recent history in South Africa, we made a conscious decision to employ unskilled young people who wanted a hand up and a chance to make a living.

Tafadza is a refugee from Zimbabwe and has grown into managing the house. His attention to detail and easy manner makes our guests feel right at home.

All of our staff would be grateful for any appreciation you care to show them in the form of tips. We have a tip box available. All tips will go to the staff 100%. R10 per guest per day is suggested, but this should be a minimum of R60 and a maximum of R1,000 depending on the length of stay and entirely at your discretion. This amount will be shared between staff members on a quarterly basis.