We have the highest sunlight hours in the world and also in the midst of a severe drought.

For many guests, weather plays a critical role in planning a holiday. We’ve outlined the main seasons for you below. But only you can decide whether you want to experience a South African winter or a South African summer. All we can add is that each season has a charm of its own, so it’s never a bad time to visit!

Summer: December to February, with temperatures ranging from mid-thirties ° C to the occasional lower forties ° C. Being a winter rainfall area, we have no rain during summer. Evenings are long and balmy.

Winter: It is rather short in the Western Cape, from June to August.  Our minimum temperatures hardly fall below 7° C, day time temperatures range from 11° C of a cold day to pleasant 25° C.  A warm rain-resistant jacket is required. In October and April, there is typically less rain and a very slight reduction in temperature.

To view current weather conditions please visit: South African Weather Services