House Rules

To ensure that all guests, our neighbours, staff and ourselves can enjoy the peaceful and quiet tranquillity of the house and neighbourhood, our House Rules strictly apply. By accepting the keys, you agree to abide by the letter and spirit of the house rules and terms and conditions:


  1. Accommodation if subject to House Rules**
  2. No mask no entry, strict adherence to COVID protocols. Masks compulsory outside your bedroom.
  3. No Smoking in/near the house, deck or other guests.
  4. No non-paying visitors.
  5. Absolutely no noise, no own music, no disturbance.
  6. The pool is deep and dangerous, we take no responsibility.
  1. No self catering or cooking allowed.
  2. Meals to be booked 48 hours in advance.
  3. No alcohol to be brought in.
  4. Dagga, Marijuana, Drugs, Pshycedelics, Prostitution or nudity are not allowed on the premises at all. Our security company will evict guests suspected of possession or use.
  5. Absolutely no parties.
  1. Accommodation, meals, pool-use, parking and all other facilities and services are used at your own risk. We accept NO liability whatsoever.
  1. Please ensure that you watch the gate and only move your car when it is fully open. Keep your eyes on the gate in case someone else inadvertently presses the button.
  1. Do not park/stop in the gate’s way. DO not park/stop in the driveway. Do not obstruct other vehicles/persons/equipment.
  1. We are in a water and electricity sensitive area. Kindly help South Africa to conserve our resources. Please switch off air-con and lights when you leave the room and only flush when absolutely necessary.
  1. We reserve all rights to evict non-compliant and/unpleasant/ poorly behaved guests or visitors without refund.
  1. Guests will be liable for any damage caused or allowed to be caused by guests or their party/guests of visitors.


ENJOY your stay! Lekker slaap.. Lala Nathi.. Wel te ruste…schöne Träume, fais de beaux rêves, sogni d’oro